Sporks, The Learning Scriptable Discord Bot!

What makes Sporks awesome?

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He learns what you type

Sporks will learn from your discord server, becoming smarter and wittier, and sometimes stupider, but all in a fun way.

He talks to your users

Sporks will chat with your users, if they mention him. What will he say? Who knows? That's all part of the fun of this bot!

Extend the bot with scripts

If you know JavaScript, you can make this bot do whatever you want. You don't need to host it or pay anything. Just put some code in it, and let it rip!

No need to be a rocket scientist...

So you're not a programmer and you just want Sporks to do things. No problem! There's a free collection of scripts that others have made, ready and waiting for you.
D++ - The C++ Discord API Library C++ Discord Library